Using Data for Custom Research and New Content Playbook

Check out one of the newest ON24 Playbook here. This is a great play to read to learn how you can use your webinars for research to create new content.

Do you currently use webinars for research to create new content? If not, was this playbook helpful? Are you going to use this play in any of your future webinars?

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A lot of good points – particularly this one:

This enables you to spend more of your time actually using your research rather than spending hours and hours conducting 1:1 calls, putting together surveys, or trying to schedule meetings.

In-webinar surveys equal “two birds, one stone”. Not only because it’ll allow you to adjust on the fly to make the webinar more relevant, but because it saves you push out surveys through other channels. (Or can help extend your data set if the number of responses you’re receiving through those channels is insufficient.)

Many good advices and ideas.
We are using the combination of poll, Q&A, downloaded material and access to provided links to build the social engagement content.
It requires a some work and we are looking for tools that can automate the content but so far the engagement results are good.

Great advice! We use additional materials for the attendees, pools, and surveys too with our webinars.

Some great stuff here. These playbooks have a lot of useful information and tips coming out of them.

Love the playbook, especially this point:

Data-driven content and research has the legs to appeal to more than just your core audience.

You can use your data in association with partner efforts, PR, analysts, and even your current customer base. The broader the audience that the data applies to, the more flexibility you have to refine it to speak to smaller, more specific segments.

Awesome stuff! It’s always helpful to have other playbooks to help benchmark against our own practices.

Not usually but a great idea for sure!

We don’t currently use webinars for research to create new content but the playbook was definitely helpful!

The analytics report is essential people need to do this more.

These playbooks are helpful for me when training new staff. I refer back to them for the bits and pieces that I need to help explain things.

We definitely do this, but because we run over 1000 events/year, it is very difficult to compile info on an event by event basis. I’d love to be able to run a report that would provide just questions asked in a selected time period, and maybe filter by event title, tags, etc.

Useful info. Thanks!

Very helpful! Love it.

I liked the playbook, especially the part about how easy it is the do the research and then act upon it.